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Lean35 Inc is an IT consulting company which not only provides custom web solutions but also provides general consulting for your in-house IT needs.

We work with companies of various sizes and phases of maturity. Our certified scrummasters' experience gives us the agility to adapt to a wide variety of needs. And our talented and passionate development staff executes the plans in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our Services

Handcraft Web Solution

We build web solutions based on your current and future needs. In this ever changing technology industry our sharp staff keeps on top of cutting edge technology and builds solid apps.

Mobile Apps

Are mobile devices critical to your business? Our mobile team has delivered apps for IPhone, various Android devices and Blackberry that met and passed our clients' expectations.

Quality Assurances

Lean 35's quality assurance specialists ensure strict adherence to your project requirements, resulting in significant time and cost savings, and delivering an optimal user experience.

Office Network / Computer Setup

At Lean35 Inc, we specialize in crafting secure IT infrastructures for Office Network and Computer Setup. Our skilled team ensures seamless connectivity, enhancing your organization's success in the digital era

Marketing - Social Media, Web Site

Lean35 excels in enhancing your online presence through effective social media strategies and dynamic website design. We boost brand visibility and engagement, fostering meaningful connections with your audience for online success.

Retail / e-Commerce

Lean35 redefines e-commerce excellence with agile, data-driven solutions. Elevate your online business with seamless user experiences, personalized interactions, and cutting-edge technology integration

Our Process

Plan what you need

We don’t just hire staff based on their skill set but based on their passion as well. Our staff cares about their craft. Their 10-15 years of IT consulting experience will turn fuzzy ideas to concrete plan and execute the plan on time and within your budget

Develop your product or service

We go beyond hiring based solely on skill sets; our team is chosen for their deep passion for their craft. This commitment ensures that your fuzzy ideas are transformed into concrete plans, executed promptly, and always within your budget.

Design this theme to your needs

Tailor your theme to fit seamlessly with your needs. Prioritizing adaptability, our design philosophy empowers you to enhance the user interface, incorporate personalized features, and embody the essence of your vision for impactful design.